Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

We can not believe it is already Thanksgiving time! It’s one of our favorite holidays because of the good food and getting to see our respective families. Every year it is important to keep the family guessing on how the table will be set. We wrote about some of the favorite table settings we found on Pinterest that you should totally check out and recreate.


Spasta Pesto Recipe (Vegetarian)

Happy Monday everyone! Or should I say meatless Monday…. Either way, here is a great recipe that includes all my favorite vegetables, some pesto, tomato sauce, and CHEESE. This is good, light eating before the holiday binge eating begins.

Taste, Texas

Best Patios in Houston: Midtown

This week we are introducing our favorite Patios in the Midtown neighborhood :). Midtown has a wide range of frat boy to hipster to Vegas to super chill bars. Check out our favorites in this post!

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Goodbye Houston Food Tour

I’m obsessed with trying new restaurants. Throughout my four years in Houston I’ve been to hundreds of food spots. Before I left Houston for good I needed to try out a few new places along with stopping at some of my favorites for my last few meals. If you haven’t been to these restaurants, be sure to check them out!