The Best Meatloaf Recipe!

Easy, healthy and delicious….. sign us up!!! This meatloaf recipe is so easy and feeds at least 4 people. Trying a low-carb diet or healthy jump start to the year? This recipe is for you 🙂


So, you got a juicer for Christmas?  Here are some amazing juice recipes!

Lindsay got a juicer for Christmas 2 years ago and has been juicing ever since! If you just got one, this article is for you. Like most newbies to juicing, she immediately searched all over the internet for some juicing recipes.   She didn’t like all of the ones she had tried but she did find a number of them that she liked and created a few of her own. Here are the ones she has been using over the years. Please share and happy juicing 🙂


Light and Refreshing Shrimp Ceviche Recipe

Ceviche: the best light and refreshing dish, and it can be made with all types of fish. I never fully understood how the lime “cooks” the fish – so I had to put it to a test. I finally made some delicious homemade ceviche! Check out the recipe.

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Carley’s Drive to The North East

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive over 1800 miles?! Well last month, I had the chance to do it with my partner in crime – my mother. We had some good conversation, nice views of foliage, and great food along the way. Read more to find out about the places I went and some lessons learned for moving.

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