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Carley’s Drive to The North East

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive over 1800 miles?! Well last month, I had the chance to do it with my partner in crime – my mother. We had some good conversation, nice views of foliage, and great food along the way. Read more to find out about the places I went and some lessons learned for moving.

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Adios Houston

Houston we have a problem – Carley has left. As some of you may know, I have left Houston in order to be closer to home and pursue other opportunities. I have had a great life the last four years here and have written a little blurb about the things I will miss most!


Partner Workouts!

Are you ever at the gym with your bestie and want to work out together but don’t know how?! Watch our partner workout video to give you some fun ideas. They will seriously kick your butt!


Ab Workout 7 Way with the Gliding Discs

These gliding discs are awesome. You can get an amazing ab workout with these 7 easy moves. They REALLY work!!! We will say that some are easier than other but overall you will get a workout in where your abs are sure to be sore the next day. Check out our video and let us know if you try any workouts or have any others to add!


5 Reasons Girls Should Join a Fantasy Football League…

We have been in a fantasy football league for two years.  We both joined another separate league on top of that last year, and we LOVE it.  In 2015 there were almost 60 million people playing fantasy football and millions of those people were women.  So ladies, join us – we listed 5 reasons you should gather your friends to create a league or join one!

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