Nasty Gal Lace Dress and Nordstrom Leather Skirt

So finally we get to do a shoot at the infamous Sugar and Cloth Wall!  These bright colors are amazing and really give life to our IG feed 😉   Lindsay is dressing down this lace dress by adding a t-shirt under it. She can also dress it up and remove the shirt. Carley is wearing a sleek black leather shirt with an everyday urban cami. Check out the details and read more!


Pieces to Transition to Fall

I always find it difficult (especially in Houston) to transition to Fall. Since I’m from Pittsburgh, we experienced all 4 seasons so I never really had this problem to dress “in the season”, until I moved to Texas 3 years ago. Fall is my favorite season for fashion so I picked out a few of my favs to help transition to Fall. Whether you’re in the Northeast or in the South, these pieces work anywhere 🙂

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Fabletics Review Plus Some New Nike Kicks

So after seeing many advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, etc I finally gave into trying out this whole “Fabletic’s” thing. If you don’t know what Fabletic’s is, it’s marketed as a affordable athletic attire store. Since I love working out and get sick of my clothes real easily, I decided to give it a shot. I was really excited I was about to get leggings and a workout shirt for only $35, what a steal. 


All White Outfit – with cute hat and long vest!

You know when you walk into Target for one thing and come out with 10 items you “need”? That’s exactly what happened the day I found this hat and long sleeveless black vest. I have no buyer’s remorse here!! I paired them with an all white outfit that is perfect for the end of Summer and super comfortable (yes, even the wedges). These wedges were on the border of “I’m going to fall on my ass” high and “yeah I can walk in these and not look dumb” high. Got them anyways!! Also, I’m wearing a Cotton On leotard tank and it is so comfortable (and only $7). They are so cheap and easy to pair with almost anything!

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