DIY Skull Decor in 3 Easy Steps

This DIY skull was so easy. It took me only 1 hour, $35 and a quick stop at Hobby Lobby! You can use the skull as a wall decoration or a jewelry holder. Currently I have it sitting on my dresser and it holds all of my bracelets. I love it and the gold accent matches the rest of the accessory holders on my dresser.


Carbonated Bubble Mask!!!

Guys – no lie, we had so much fun making this video. The amount of outtakes we took during is ridiculous!! This is actually our first official product review video (of many) so we hope you enjoy. The product was purchased on Amazon for only $10.95. Some of the natural ingredients include green tea, pomegranate, charcoal powder and aloevera. The mask smells good and there is probably enough product for 15ish applications (less than a $1 an application). Click on the title to watch the video!

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