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Adios Houston

So the day has come, after four years I have finally moved from Houston. I’ve grown and learned so much over these last four year and have created memories that will last me a life time (cliche I know..but TRUE). The last two years in particular have been incredible. I had a great job, great roommates, great friends, and an up and coming blog to add into the mix! This last year, in particular, has been extra special. Because of The Tiny Two Talk, I have been extremely involved in Houston fashion, food, and other social activities. I have met even more incredible people through this, and I’m excited to meet new people through this blog but in a different location. Don’t worry everyone, The Tiny Two Talk will persevere and keep you up to date on all your blogging needs!

Lindsay brought up a good idea to write about the things I’ll miss most about living in Houston. She hinted that she should be number one…

1. Lindsay

Let’s start off with saying that The Tiny Two Talk would not exist without our friendship happening. I’m so happy that we became roommates and decided to go on this crazy blogging journey together. I feel like I’m writing in a yearbook right now… Anyway, this last year, in particular has been awesome and we’ve done and seen a lot together. I’m so happy that we’re friends. The good thing about friendship is that you can still be friends when you don’t live in the same city. Sooo #bestiesfortheresties.

The Tiny Two Talk

2. Friends/Coworkers

I am definitely #blessed that I have met such incredible people in Houston. Moving into a new city only knowing a few other people was very intimidating. The network of friends that I have made is unbelievable. Houston is a great city in the fact that there are so many transplants that are looking for new friends. From kickball to the gym to college friends to coworkers to everyone else that has come to my life, I’m lucky to have met you. Throughout the years I have met so many fun and loving people, and I really hope we stay in touch. Visit me wherever I move to!

imageimageimageKickball friends

3. Mexican Food

Mexican food in Texas is like the Italian food up in the North East – everywhere, delicious, and inexpensive. As I am very excited to have good Italian food/bread again, I’m very upset about the lack of freshly made tortillas, breakfast tacos, endless amounts of chips and salsa, burritos, quesadillas, etc that will not be as readily and cheaply available. Some restaurants that will be missed are La Guadalupana, Torchy’s, Ninfas on Navigation, El Tiempo, El Rey, and Velvet Taco. 

Breakfast Tacos from La Guadalupana

4. Uchi

Uchi is my one true love. But seriously. Their fish is unbelievable along with the Brussels sprouts. I am determined to get that recipe perfected before I die! I just can’t get over the flavor combinations and how fresh the food is. More on this restaurant is coming in an upcoming post on my farewell food tour :).img_1072

5. Cheap Living

Compared to the other big cities of the United States, Houston is very reasonably priced. I definitely have gotten more bang for my buck out here. When I go to other cities, I cringe at how expensive gas and food is. Guess I better get used to it!

6. Late Fall/Winter/Early Spring Weather

Nothing beats #falltimehou (and springtimehou). Houstonians finally get to experience weather that Californian’s experience daily. The weather is finally cooling down and you can finally go outside and breathe without feeling like you have just done 2 hours of hot yoga. Not having to worry about snow is also a perk (as much as I missed not having skiing readily available). It will definitely be adjustment going back to cold winters and winter jackets. 

7. Constant Activities

Free yoga, food festivals, fashion shows, boats on Lake Conroe, new bars/restaurants, tennis league, kickball, SUP yoga…the list can go on and on for all the activities you can do in Houston. As a very active person, Houston has been a great city to keep me occupied. As of late, I have really been enjoying the free yoga at Raven Tower with Black Swan Yoga and the free yoga with Revolution Studios. I will definitely miss all these activities I was a part of.Revolution Studios Houston

8. Being close to Austin

Austin is one of my top 5 favorite cities in the United States. It has the perfect mix of outdoor activities, city feel, and also being super hippy/green. If I wasn’t trying to move closer to home, I could definitely see myself in this fun and young city. My favorite is floating the Guadalupe River which is 45 minutes away from the city. I also enjoy all the water activities on Lady Bird Lake and chilling at the Greenbelt waterway. 

Greenbelt Austin

Favorite restaurants in Austin are: Jacoby’s, Home Slice Pizza, Perla’s ($$$), Uchi (obviously), Juan in a Million, Cenote, Salty Sow, Torchy’s, Banger’s,  and lastly the vegetarian food truck Concious Cravings (Try their chickpea wrap – SOOOO GOOD). These are only out of the restaurants I have been to in Austin.

9. Rodeo/BBQ Cookoff/BBQ Food in General

Rodeo Houston is definitely one of the most fun months of the year when you live in Houston. It’s such a fun event. The first time I went was a culture shock. I had never been to a rodeo before and seeing everyone in their cowboy boots, hats, big belt buckles – I felt like this little northerner didn’t belong. Well, was it fun and entertaining! I really enjoy the mutton bustin (where the little children ride on the sheep); it’s so adorable. The best weekend of the rodeo is by far the BBQ cookoff. Unlimited alcohol and BBQ food – um yes please. I wish this was every weekend. Speaking of BBQ food, I am going to miss the tasty BBQ that Houston has. Kileen’s is by far my favorite barbecue that I had during my Houston stint. I highly recommend that restaurant if you haven’t been! If you haven’t noticed yet, I enjoy food…a lot.Rodeo Houston Fried Food

10. Houston Sports

Last but not least, I will miss the sporting events. Being born and raised in Connecticut, I never had a state team to call my own. Thus I was taught that the Yankees are the best along with all other New York sports. I have really enjoyed going to the Houston Astros, Dynamo, Rockets, and even the Aeros (the old hockey team when they existed) games. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to go to a Houston Texans game. Thankfully during my time in Houston, the teams have had some good sporting years, and I have been very fortunate to watch great games. I even got to see the no hitter that Matt Fier pitched against the Dodgers. I also was at the Rockets game where Chandler Parsons hit 10 three-pointers in a row against the Memphis Grizzlies – in one half! Such an exciting game!Tiny Two at the Astros

I could definitely write more, but I’ll limit myself to 10 items :). I really have had such a great time in Houston. It is very bitter sweet that I am leaving, but the time has come. I thank everyone who I have met in the last four years as you have made a great impact in my life, and I will miss you.  Keep in touch! Peace out Houston.

Goodbye Houston XO Carley


Xo, Carley

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