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Ready. Set. Get Ready to Drool.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery is here and we couldn’t have been more excited when it opened. The unique part of this restaurant chain, is that they are open ONLY for brunch – Monday through Sunday’s from 6:30am – 2:30pm. If only we could have breakfast for dinner…..just a thought!

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had the chance to meet a fellow food blogger Anyoleth – check out her insta @htownfoodieanyo – at Snooze. Overall we had a great experience both food wise and company wise.




We’re literally drooling right now as we write this post. The food was incredible. The best part of this place was they had options where you could pick multiple items to try. For example, we ordered the pancake flight. Yes, a pancake flight of 3 different pancakes/French toasts of YOUR CHOICE! Umm how could we say no to that?! From left to right, we shared the Cinnamon roll pancake with bacon, OMG! French Toast, and the pancake of the day. The Cinnamon roll pancake  was our favorite – a perfect mixture of bacon, Nutella, and pancake.

imageFor our “main meal” (the pancake flight we said was our brunch “appetizer” – casual) – we got the Snooze Spuds Deluxe with bacon and carmelized onions and the Benny Duo (Benny Goodman with lox style salmon and the Bella Bella Benny with prosciutto in lieu of your typical Canadian Bacon). The Benny Duo was great because it allowed you to try two different types of eggs Benedict which is must needed when you have so many choices to choose from! Carley ordered the Benedict and thought it was very good, but would probably not get the Benedict with proscuitto again. She is more of a proscuitto purest she learned. imageimage



Our waiter was very nice and friendly. He was very knowledgeable about the menu and made some good recommendations (even though there are so many good things to choose from!). Our coffee was refilled and checked regularly – which is a must at a breakfast spot.

We definitely, however, don’t think they are known for their service. As you can see from the first photo, typically there is a long wait to get a table at this restaurant on weekends. We realized why this is. First off, we ordered our pancake flight hoping it would be an appetizer so we could suppress our hunger. However, shortly after we received the pancake dish, we received the rest of our food. And by shortly, we mean a minute later.Womp womp. Then after we were done eating, our check didn’t come out for another good 20-30 minutes. In our case we didn’t mind it because conversation was a flowing, however we think that they could improve upon their patron turnover so people don’t have to wait so long in line.


We’d say the interior is very funky and modern. There is a nice bar where you can order drinks while you wait to be seated . The patio is nice as well especially on a cool #falltimeHou day. 


 All in all, we would definitely recommend this restaurant for brunch – at least one time! If you want to avoid the long lines, we advise going at earlier times in the day or putting your name in and then going around the corner to Southside Espresso for a cup of coffee. ORRR if you’re feeling really aggressive, put in your name and then go next door to Define and get your work out on!


Xo, The Tiny Two Talk

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  1. La vehceètnr, rien que le mot vous met l’eau à la bouche. Pour les asperges, j’attendrai encore quelques semaines et celles de l’île de Ré seront sur le marché. De les avoir longtemps désirées, elles n’en seront que meilleures. Ensuite, il y en aura presque deux mois sur les marchés. Mais la recette, je la mets d’ores et déjà de côté.


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