Maggiano’s New Location in Houston

A few weeks ago, Maggiano’s Little Italy opened up by the Memorial City Mall.  This is their third location in the greater Houston area – there is one on Post Oak Blvd and one in Friendswood.  To be honest, we’ve never heard of this Italian restaurant before, but were so excited and beyond flattered when the Public Relations Coordinator of the restaurant reached out to us to go to their grand opening. Unfortunately, we have our 9am to 5pm jobs so we couldn’t attend the opening. Whitney, the PR woman, graciously still gave us a gift card and set up our reservation for the following Friday.

Definitely the best part of the experience was when we coudln’t figure out whose name the reservation it was under, and then realized we were under “The Tiny Two Talk”. #almostfamous

imageHere is a little glimpse of our amazing, but seriously AMAZING, experience at Maggiano’s:


To be completely honest, the service was one of the best we have had in Houston.  When we realized we never received our gift card, we told our waitress Toya about what had happened and she sent over the general manager Dave Rosen. He told us he was so sorry and gave us our meal ON THE HOUSE. Could they have been any nicer?! Probably not. Our waitress Toya was an absolute pleasure. She was so personable, and she was extremely knowledge about the menu and the restaurant. We definitely recommend her as a server. The food was delivered in a timely manner – we never had to wait too long or too short. Overall, great service.


Our waitress and the general manager literally recommended EVERYTHING on the menu. It was definitely a tough choice because our mouths were watering every time they told us about a different item on the menu. Our mouths are watering as we write this post. UGH. We ended up deciding on the bruschetta bar tour for an appetizer, chicken parmesan, the famous Rigatoni “D”, and then the dessert sampler. Don’t worry, we’ll go into more details of each meal shortly.

Similar to what we liked about the brunch restaurant Snooze, is that there are sampler options. We love trying a little bit of everything, so the bruschetta bar tour and the dessert sampler were perfect for us. Another thing we really liked about this restaurant, is they really emphasize on making everyone feel like they are part of their Italian family. There’s a couple items on the menu that if you order that meal, they will give you the same meal to-go (For the price of ONE!). Talk about worth it! It really makes you feel like you’re dining with an Italian family, when they give you left overs.

Back to the food we ordered…first stop on our Maggiano’s feast was the Bruschetta Bar Tour, in which we had the chance to try one of each flavor from the Bruschetta Bar. This included:

  • Candied Bacon, ricotta cheese, arugla and fig jam
  • Classic – tomato, balsamic and garlic*
  • Shrimp, bacon, roasted peppers and corn fondue*
  • Roasted pear, prosciutto, blue cheese and balsamic*
  • Strawberry chutney, orange fondue and prosciutto


They were all amazing, but really (* bruchettas were our favorites). Next for our entrees we split the chicken parmesan and the Rigatoni “D”. Another cool concept Maggiano’s has is having “lighter” options on the menu. We opted for the unhealthy version of the chicken parmesan, but they do offer a less calorie option (half the calories!) that our waitress told us you can barely taste the difference. This meal was cooked perfectly, the chicken had the right amount of sauce and cheese on it. Sometimes you go to restaurants and they overload the chicken with cheese and sauce and you forget there is chicken under there! The famous Rigatoni “D” has the perfect amount of sauce to pasta ratio. It has roasted chicken, mushrooms, caramelized onions and is mixed with a marsala cream sauce. The portions are big too, so we brought home both of these dishes.


Last but not least, we had the dessert sampler. This included everything our heart desired:

  • Tiramisu
  • Crème Brulee
  • Gigi’s butter cake
  • Apple Crostada
  • New York Style cheesecake

The noteworthy contenders were the cheesecake, Gigi’s butter cake, and the tiramisu. The cheesecake was phenomenal with its cracker crust and light and refreshing cheesecake. Our mouths were watering as soon as Gigi’s butter cake entered them. It was unreal. The tiramisu was also mind blowing, very light and delicious.



For the space being quite large, you didn’t feel overwhelmed. The dining area was dimly lit and the décor makes you feel like you are at an Italian restaurant with its checkered red table clothes. We went on the first Friday it was open so it was full of people, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly loud. There is a back room that looks like can be used for parties.

All in all, we would 100% go back again. We really enjoyed our experience and when we went out later that evening, it was all we could talk about. There are too many options on the menu that we need to try. Toya made each item on the menu sound absolutely amazing so we can’t wait to go back and try them all.  Maybe next time we go back we’ll bring a group of people so we can taste everyone’s food :). 


Xo, The Tiny Two Talk

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