DIY Skull Decor in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:  

 To make this skull you’ll need to purchase the skull at Hobby Lobby (on sale) for $20.  Here is another option of a deer and another one here.   Then purchase a white spray paint that INCLUDES primer.  Then buy gold paint and paint brushes.  You can get all of these items at Hobby Lobby.

Skull from Hobby Lobby, White Spray Paint with Primer, Gold Paint


Step 2:  

Gather newspaper/cardboard boxes and go outside to spray paint the skull white.  I did two coats on each side (top and bottom).  Make sure to spray inside the skull as much as you can too.  When the light in your room hits the skull on the counter or on the wall, you can see the inside of the skull a little.


Step 3:  

Paint the tips of the skull gold.  You can paint this as big or as little as you want.  I did about half the horns to be gold and half white.


Step 4:  Show it off 🙂


For $35 you really can’t beat this!!  I absolutely love mine and feel like I might go spray a few more things white and paint them with gold accents now 🙂

Xo, Linds

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