Ab Workout 7 Way with the Gliding Discs


You can purchase the discs we used here.  

Alternatives are here in purple, here in silver and here is a bundle package! 


If you do these exercises a few times every week, we promise you’ll see results.  We would suggest picking 3 or 4 moves and doing each of them as many times as you can in then repeating those 3 or 4 moves you picked 3 times (sets).  Our gym the YMCA Downtown Houston had these so we were lucky to try them out first here before we each got a set of our own!  They are great for a quick workout in the am or at night when you don’t have time to get to the gym.  These moves shown here aren’t even touching the surface with exercises you can do.  The rest you’ll have to wait until another time 🙂


Alternatives – if you don’t want to purchase these (even though we highly recommend), you can always use paper plates on carpet or small towels on a slippery surface.  


Xo, The Tiny Two


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