5 Reasons Girls Should Join a Fantasy Football League…


1. Competition:  There is nothing better than beating one of the guys in fantasy football, NOTHING.   They see it as “their sport” and they can’t lose, oh but they can.  The look on their faces when they do lose to a girl(s) is without a doubt the best feeling.  Sorry boys.  A little friendly heckling goes a long way in this case. Who doesn’t love some trash talk every once in a while? Playing in an all boys league we’ve learned to either just take it or throw it back. We try our best!!  


2.  Learning the Sport:  Your honestly don’t need to know too much about football to win. Guys listen to podcasts, have ESPN running all day long, and are constantly getting updates to their phones about who is injured and who’s going to be big this season. We on the other hand, don’t. When drafting, just go by the top ranked list (or best looking lol). You’ll want to pick a few good running backs (RB) and wide receivers (WR) first;  then get a good quarterback (QB) – we have a great love (maybe even an obsession) and loyalty to our boy Aaron Rodgers. Don’t pick a defense until one of the last rounds.  As the weeks go by and you have to move around your players (based off of what teams have by weeks or not), you’ll learn more about the sport of football and more about actually playing fantasy football. Also, what boy DOESN’T love a girl that can keep up with him and his sports talk. Show him you can wear the jersey and you know what’s going on in the game.


3.  Social aspects:  New friends, new hobby, more interaction with boys.  Think about it, you now have a “reason” to be out on a Thursday, Sunday, and even Monday night. Lindsay is a Steelers fan (woo) and instead of only watching the Steelers, she finds herself watching other games as well because her fantasy football team has multiple teams’ players.   Let us set this scenario up for you…. You’re at the bar and you see this cute guy next to you cheering for a team that one of your fantasy football players is on.  You immediately start exaggerating cheering for this team to get his attention.  He sees you, you see him.  You make eye contact, start talking and instantly hit it off…. you’re welcome for your new boyfriend.  


4.  Money:  Let’s be serious here… Women like money just as much as men.  Not all leagues have money wagers but most do.  Our fantasy football league has a $100 buy-in.  So the stakes are high and it motivates us to actually WIN.  


5.  IT’S FUN:  Aside from the amazing eye-candy spotted during the draft, we have so much fun drafting and during the whole season!  So what if we pick our fantasy football team based on looks?  Sorry all the good looking people also happen to be good on the field (i.e. Eric Decker, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady,  Gronk, Clay Matthews, Julian Edelman).



So ladies, it’s now or never! Go get your guy and girl friends and convince them to join your fantasy football league this season, and you won’t regret it. If anything, you’ll learn a little about football.


The Tiny Two Talk 



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