Soul Cycle has come to Houston!

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SoulCycle Houston has been open for about two months now and I just got the chance to try my first class!


I have never done SoulCycle before but I’ve been to just about every spinning studio in Houston.  I love the workout you get from a cycling class and I always feel great (and sweaty).  I went to the 5:30am class with two friends and we were not disappointed.  Since the class was so early, I did not think I was going to have the energy to really put in the work for a spinning class… well I was wrong.

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View from the outside


The Workout –  The bikes are custom made for SoulCycle and are a little different from the bikes at the other Houston Spin Studios.  If you’re not sure how to set yourself up on the bike, don’t worry, the staff is very helpful and can assist you.  The SoulCycle class is only 45 minutes long with a stretching section at the end.   The workout covers your legs, abs and arms.  You are spinning the entire class, even during the arms section.  The instructor will clearly notify you when you add or remove resistance.

The Studio – Since we were the first class in the morning, the studio was extremely clean.  I’m not sure if it’s always like that but it was when we arrived.  I also felt like there was plenty of room between class changes, which from my experience with other studios, can get a bit tight.  There was also plenty of locker space and two bathrooms.  There is parking in front of the studio and a parking garage around the back.  It is conveniently located by Local Foods which is one of my favorite restaurants in Houston 🙂 I think they planned that!  It’s a little tucked back but just follow all the girls in Lululemon and you’ll find it.

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The Staff/Instructor – Chanelle was my instructor for the class and I really enjoyed her energy, especially because it was much needed at 5:30am.  She definitely motivated all of us to really go the extra distance on our bikes.  The music was perfect.  I am huge on the music at any fitness studio because if I’m listening to something that doesn’t pump me up, I’m out.  I can get so turned off by a workout class just because of the instructor’s taste of music.  So Chanelle passed my music test but I can’t say that for the other…. yet!  The staff at the front desk were all polite and made sure if it was our first time to show us how the lockers worked.

The Price – If you’ve heard anything about SoulCycle, I’m going to guess you’ve heard it’s expensive… and it is.  Your first class is only $20.  After that each class is $30 unless you buy a package:  $145 – 5 Classes, $280 – 10 Classes, etc. One good thing about the classes is that they are transferable between regions.  So say you’re visiting your friend in DC for the weekend and live in Texas – you can use your pass!!

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all of the lockers that lead to the restrooms

The Tiny Two Tips – 

  1. Make sure you bring a water bottle and make sure that water bottle can fit in the water holder on the bike.  They have water there, if you forget for a few $!
  2. Snack before.  I had half a protein bar before I went to the class and my friends took pre-workout.  I would recommend putting something into your body before the class.
  3. I wore my usual workout clothes (tight yoga pants and a tank).  I would not recommend shorts.   They provide the shoes so make sure you have socks!
  4. There are lockers that cost nothing extra.  Make sure you remember your code and the lockers are pretty easy to work!
  5. This workout can really be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be… try to PUSH YOURSELF.


If you check out the class, tell us what you think or contact us for a meet-up because I want to go again 🙂

Xo, Linds


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