Piada Italian Street Food

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Entrance with a small patio seating area to the right. The restaurant is located right off of Memorial!

Piada’s Italian Street Food opened towards the end of 2015 and I have been wanting to try it ever since.  It’s basically a “Chipotle style” restaurant.  You get the choice to choose a piada (thin italian dough rolled into a wrap like a pita), pasta (angel hair pasta) or salad.  They also have great seasonal specials.


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Seasonal Famers Market Salad – added beans and cucumbers

Pictured above – Lindsay got the seasonal farmers market salad in the large bowl (could’ve gotten the small).  The large doesn’t look that big until it’s in front of you and the food is so good that we promise you’ll eat it all!  We both devoured ours.  We went to lunch with two other friends who also got salads and they also couldn’t say enough great things about the salad!

imagePictured above – Carley ordered the Balsamic Salad and had the fresh salmon on top. As Lindsay said, it’s like chipotle, so it comes with all the items on the menu and THEN you can add more items to it. I added some artichokes, cucumbers, bean salad, and red peppers. The salmon was massive, as you can see in the picture, and it was made fresh. Overall very happy with the food!


The people were so nice and helpful.  We kept asking them to put more items on our salads and they showed a lot of patience! There were two twins working that really confused us for a minute but overall they were helpful for it being our first time there. We even have proof of the twins in the picture below!image


Super casual. We could have worn our workout clothes and been fine.  This is an easy place to grab and go.  There was no line on a Saturday at noon.  Seating is seat yourself.  There is a little patio to the right but it’s very confusing how it is set up – if you see it, you’ll know what we’re talking about.  From the outside, it almost looks like it’s closed…BUT on the inside, they have really well done photos and a modern feel to it.



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