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part and parcel

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I attending the opening of Houston’s newest bar downtown Part & Parcel.  The bar is attached to the Whitehall hotel right off of Smith St – and let me say it’s hard to miss!  There was a live band playing and did I mention free drinks and food 🙂  I think I enjoyed the food a little too much because I ended up spilling juice from my taco down the entire front of my shirt.. cool Lindsay.   Overall, they did a great job with the layout and design of the bar – very modern.  The lights attached to the canopies were a great touch!  The place really lights up at night.

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FOOD: On their menu you’ll find tacos, queso and chips… among other things.  I had the corn tortilla tacos with brisket and they were good but a little bland.  They also had chicken and mushroom tacos as well.   Their everyday menu includes tacos, chicken wings and assorted meats/cheeses.  It looks like mostly small plates to share. Check out their menu here.


ATMOSPHERE:  I would say casual but most of the people were in their work clothes.  This place is definitely a good happy hour place if you work downtown!   The crowd had a lot of young professionals and business men/women, who I assume work downtown close to the bar.   It will get hot in the summer though because it is all outdoors.  Hopefully at night it cools off enough to enjoy the patio!  They will also have live music (not just for their opening).  You can check out their music schedule here.


SERVICE:  All of the staff members were very nice.  There were constantly people walking around with free alcoholic beverages.


Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried it!

Xo, Linds

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