Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF) 2016

 Let’s just say that the rain didn’t stop us from having fun this past weekend.

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We didn’t mean to match -_-


Lindsay – Topshop tennis shoes, Buffalo Exchange thrift store jean skirt, Forever21 black croptop and Topshop choker.

Carley – Black Converse, Urban Outfitters shorts, Forever21 black unitard (low cut out back)



Saturday Shows:

zeds dead

Zeds Dead –

Lindsay: This was my 3rd time seeing Zeds Dead and the only time I’ve seen them apart .  The Canadian duo usually play together but this year we only got to see DC.   Dylan (nickname DC) and Zach (nickname Hooks) are amazing together but I was pleasantly surprised DC did as good as he did alone.



matt and kimMatt and Kim –

Lindsay: You know at music festivals how you always seem to lose ALL of your friends somehow?  Well we were lucky enough to all be together during Matt and Kim.  First time seeing them live and they did not disappoint.  High energy, tons of original and other

Carley: They were one of my favorite performers. As Lindsay said, they have a lot of energy and definitely kept the crowd entertained. They threw out extra large beach balls and had streamers flying everywhere. Really enjoyed watching them!



2-chainz-lil-wayne-friendshipCollegrove (Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) –

Lindsay: Am I embarrassed by how much I love Lil Wayne?  NOPE.  Out of every performer at FPSF, he was the one I was most excited to see.  2 Chainz came out first and his energy was south of lacking.  Also, the DJ for their set sounded like an armature from 2008 (I thought the glass breaking noise was dead 8 years ago).  A few minutes after 2 Chainz came out, Lil Wayne hit the stage and IT WAS ON.  Crowd went wild and he just lost it.  They went back and forth playing some of their own hits and then did their collaborative music from Collegrove.  You could definitely tell that everyone enjoyed them more separately than together (just my opinion).  I thought they did a great job together and I can finally cross Lil Wayne off my list of artists to see!!!

Carley: I think the more exciting part of watching Lil Wayne come out was how HAPPY Lindsay was to see him. I had no idea how much of fan she was. I on the other hand, only know his top-100 songs…BUT I do agree that he put on a great show. I guess I need to start listening to more rap music…


Sunday Shows:

mac miller

Mac Miller –

Lindsay: Born and raised in da burgh, Malcolm McCormick 24.  A hometown favorite rapper next to Wiz.   His performance at FPSF was electric.  This was my first time seeing him perform live since I never caught him perform in our hometown.  He really impressed me.  The energy he gave off was felt in every single person watching him perform.

Most popular songs:   “100 Grandkids”   +  “Donald Trump” + “Knock Knock”

**Highlight:  By far the best moment of his performance was when he dedicated a moment to Prince and played “Purple Rain”.  IT STARTED TO ACTUALLY RAIN.  Not just rain, but straight down pour.   Can you really describe an experience like that?  It was surreal.

Carley: Mac Miller did not disappoint. This was the second time I have seen him and he was even better than the last. The funniest part to me was when he was singing “Donald Trump”, he started a “F*cK Trump” chant…too funny. The crowd was so into it too.

Leon Bridges –

Kickin it old school.  Leon Bridges (26) brings classic soul back from the 50s/60s era.  He is from Fort Worth, Texas and definitely had fun in his home state this past weekend.  His first debut album Coming Home featuring single “Coming Home”  got him on the charts.  Even though we missed him play this song (so mad), we enjoyed his set while we were grabbing a bite to eat.  From what we could hear, his voice is just as good live as it is recorded on a track.  If you ever get the chance to see him live and want to take a break from the EDM music.  Check him out on Spotify.  His songs are great to have on in the background at work or when you’re getting ready in the mornings for work.




3LAU –

Lindsay: I have to start by saying 3LAU is not pronounced Three-lau.  It’s BLAU.

After the festival was evacuated, we were afraid 3LAU’s show was going to get cancelled.  But it wasn’t 🙂  The crowd was anticipating the first show after the “evacuation” and 3Lau did not disappoint.  Lots of bass, lots of energy from the crowd and overall a great set.

Carley: So when “Blau” performed, I kept calling it 3 – Lau….whoops! Hence Lindsay’s comment. They put on a great performance. First time seeing them live and they killed it. I was super happy they got to play after the “evacuation” aka mass confusion by everyone in which everyone went back inside even though there was a “severe thunderstorm” approaching. YOLO?





The Chainsmokers –

Lindsay: YASSSS. Finally saw them live.  They were my favorite show.

They came out to “Roses” finished with “Roses”, I think we were all pleased.  Interaction with the audience was also great.

Alex and Drew are both from the US.  You know them from their first hit “#Selfie” and then “Kayne”.  I really enjoyed them live and would definitely see them again if they come to Houston!

Carley: I second everything Linsday has to say. They were by far my favorite concert of the weekend. I’m obsessed with “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” – I would definitely see them again. I also liked that they are DJ’s but also did some performing as well. The new single was FIREEEE. Can’t wait for it to come out!

**Highlight – The Chainsmokers debuting a new song that Andrew sings.  Didn’t catch the name of it but if you find it, please email it to us!!

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Until next year Free Press (hopefully at the Bayou)!!!!


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