New Houston Pilates Studio – Defy Pilates

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Not everyone can look pretty at 6AM! We should’ve taken this photo before the class… not after. #youliveandyoulearn

Defy Pilates combines classical and high intensity pilates on reformer machines.  Located in the heights at I-10 and Heights Blvd.  We went to a 6AM class one Tuesday and all we can say is that this workout definitely woke us up!  It’s pilates with a twist and we really enjoyed our workout and the instructor.


The Studio:  

  • Super simple design and layout.
  • There was one changing room and one bathroom that could definitely come in handy if you’re coming from work!  Defy does provide towels and water from a dispenser.
  • They do offer cubbies (below) to store your stuff during the class but there were no locker rooms.
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The Workout:

  • Our booties were sore from this class.  The workout was mostly legs and abs.  We felt the burn and it was wonderful 🙂
  • There are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.  Obviously we didn’t want to die on the first class so we opted for the beginner class and felt the level of difficulty was just right.
  • The class from beginning to end lasted about 50 minutes.  The music is blasting the whole time.  Lindsay will say that the music wasn’t exactly for here since she usually likes to workout to EDM and/or Rap and there were some country songs thrown in there but that’s just her!
  • The actual workout is all done on reformer machines (see below).  They are not as intimidating as they look and the instructor clearly explains everything you need to know as the class progresses.  So no worries, you can do this…File_000 (42)


What you need to know:

  • Try their special intro offer 5 classes for $50!  It’s hard to beat $10 class for a great workout.
  • We wore our typical workout clothes to class and they suggested grip socks (used in barre classes as well).  You could honestly get away with just using regular socks.
  • Classes do fill up because there is only a small number of reformer machines.
  • They have a strict 9 hour cancellation policy if you cannot make the class for whatever reason AND NOTE you cannot transfer classes to someone else.


Conclusion:  We highly recommend you try this class if you’ve never used the reformer machines before.  It’s a completely different workout that targets your booty and abs.  We love changing things up and trying new things and their introductory offer is hard to pass up!  Check it out and see what you think 😉


Xo, The Tiny Two

PS. Shout out to Lindsay’s friend Sarah for introducing us to Defy!


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