Bangers Restaurant – Austin, TX

Bangers is located off of Rainey Street in Austin, TX.  If you haven’t been to Rainey Street yet, you’re missing out.

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Not only are there plenty of amazing food trucks in this area but the bar scene is really great.  If the dirty 6th Street is too much for you and you feel like you’ve graduated to a little bit more of an “adult scene” while still enjoying yourself, this is your place.  The street has houses that have turned into bars/restaurants with huge outdoor seating areas and live music.  This place is getting bigger every time we visit and I truly love it more and more!
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Pictured above (left to right) we have the  smokey and the boar, dak bulgogi (what I got and it was amazing), jalapeno mac & cheese (a must) and the spicy italian (boy was it spicy).  They have a ton of beers on tap as well and did I mention they are dog friendly!!



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