Harvard University Visit

I got the chance to visit Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.  One of the most prestigious universities in the world!  The old and historic campus was beautiful even in the dead of winter.  The campus motto is Veritas which means truth.🎓✏️📕


My friend Rachel gave us a tour of campus and after we stopped at a gift shop and coffee shop.  Such an adorable area.  I think we could’ve spent all day just walking around (if it was a bit warmer).


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FOOD:  I couldn’t be that far in the Northeast and not eat some lobster!  So we went to The Yankee Lobster Co. for some lobster rolls and full lobster.  They were so good!  I had my first lobster roll down here in Houston at Mainely Sandwiches but that was nothing compared to this.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it now.  Also their clam chowder and lobster bisque were to die for!  Really delicious and highly recommend going if you want a very casual lunch.  The place is not that big so you might have to wait for seating.  For tourists new to Boston, this place is really great because you can cross the street to Harpoon Brewery for a tour and tasting!

Xo, Linds


File_005 (2)
Full Lobster
File_005 (1)
Lobster Roll


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