Obsessed with Fat Bao

Have you been to Fat Bao yet in Houston? Located off of Kirby Drive and Richmond, Fat Bao is an Asian Fusion restaurant known for their “Bao” sandwiches. What is Bao you ask? Bao is a type of steamed bun eaten in different Chinese cuisines. This restaurant is not only delicious, but is very affordable as well (Bao range from $3.50 to $6). We highly recommend trying the following Bao sandwiches (listed in favorite order):

1. Crab Daddy (whole soft shell crab with a delicious coleslaw)

2. Pork Katsu (Fried pork belly with avocado ontop!)

3. New Yorker (This is like an Asian version of a bagel with lox)

4. Bulgogi (marinated beef ribeye with kimchi and green onions)


Bulgogi, Pork Katsu, and Crab Daddy
New York and Crab Daddy
New Yorker and Crab Daddy

We also couldn’t resist the “Bulgogi Fries” which have onions, cilantro and the marinated beef. They were delish.File_003 (5)

Next time we definitely want to try some different Bao sandwiches. They have a Peking duck and curried chicken bao that we are very intrigued by. Also how do we feel about dessert bao? Everything is better with chocolate :).

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