Zucchini Bread

Our first Tasty Thursday post will feature delicious homemade Zucchini Bread!  This can be made into muffins or a bread loaf. Recipe is as follows (yields 2 loaves).


🔸3 eggs🔸2 cups sugar (you can try using less sugar and adding in some honey or natural sweeteners if you’re trying to make it a little healthier)🔸1 cup oil (I did 1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup apple sauce)🔸2 cups shredded zucchini (use grater or food processor)🔸3 tsp vanilla🔸3 cups flour🔸1tsp salt 🔸1 tsp baking soda 🔸1/4 tsp baking powder 🔸3 tsp cinnamon 🔸1 cup walnuts or chocolate chips (optional goodies to add)



🔸Preheat oven to 350deg🔸Combine all the ingredients except for optional chocolate chips or walnuts and mix until well blended


🔸Add in optional walnuts and chocolate chips🔸Grease pans🔸Pour zucchini bread mixture into pans


🔸If baking a loaf, cook for about 50-55min; if baking muffins, cook for 20-25min 🔸Patiently wait for zucchini bread to bake and ENJOY!


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