Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Hand Stand at Paddleboard Yoga
Hand Stand at Paddleboard Yoga

This past summer I had the chance to check out Big Power SUP yoga out on 288 Lake. Yoga is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Paddle board yoga, in particular, gets you outside and tests your ability to focus and balance.  Living in Houston, I feel like I don’t get to experience nature as much as I did up in the North East. Paddle board yoga was a great way to be outside and get a good workout in. The instructors are great and are helpful. Also the instructors support falling in the water, which helps you feel comfortable trying out the typical yoga poses but on a PADDLE BOARD. Also the water was super refreshing, so I wasn’t very upset when I fell in :). Can’t wait to go back next season!


Xo, Carley



Here is the information if you want to check out BIG SUP Yoga next season:

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