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New Zealand Highlights

New Zealand is one of those countries that everywhere you look you either see beautiful nature, or you see sheep. I definitely left a piece of my heart in this country over the 5 weeks I was there. I can’t wait to come back!


Chic Black Dress with Polka Dot Tights!

That one black dress everyone has in their closet and I finally found mine!!!! Banana Republic, thank you. Also, metallic booties for the winter are a must and I cannot see this fashion trend disappearing for next winter so get yours while the sales are lasting until the end of January (almost everywhere)!!

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Bali Highlights

So I’ve been terrible at updating and writing posts on the blog, but I am leaving Bali today and I feel it’s necessary to post some photos of my favorite things from this trip!


The Best Meatloaf Recipe!

Easy, healthy and delicious….. sign us up!!! This meatloaf recipe is so easy and feeds at least 4 people. Trying a low-carb diet or healthy jump start to the year? This recipe is for you 🙂


So, you got a juicer for Christmas?  Here are some amazing juice recipes!

Lindsay got a juicer for Christmas 2 years ago and has been juicing ever since! If you just got one, this article is for you. Like most newbies to juicing, she immediately searched all over the internet for some juicing recipes.   She didn’t like all of the ones she had tried but she did find a number of them that she liked and created a few of her own. Here are the ones she has been using over the years. Please share and happy juicing 🙂